Monday, May 09, 2005

Lyncos Complement Z-coil Foot wear

FYI: We are finding these devices are very effective for those needing amazing cushioning for their footwear. Added to the Z-coil pain relief footwear they complement the impact reduction by redistributing weight more evenly across the arch and forefoot.

Lynco 400-405-420-420 is sport orthotic version made from heat moldable thermosky. 400 is an arch support: 405 is both arch and Metartarsal support: 420 is arch support with an 1/8" medial posting: 425 is arch support with Meat support and 1/8" medial heel posting. Also available in 3/4 length version, styles 300-305-320-325

Lynco 600-605-620-625 is casual/dress orthotic version made in Germany from Chrome tanned leather for extreme durability. Great for heavy, oversized patients and can fit in a slimmer styled shoe. Not cushiony, very stable.

600 is arch suppor: 605 is arch support with Met support: 620 is arch support with 1/8" medial posting: 625 is arch support with Met support and 1/8" medial posting.

Lynco 200-205-220-225 is diabetic/arthric/neuropathic version made from 1/8" plastizote and 3/8" poron. It is acommodative and moldable on the surface. Not made to last over a long period of time. Keeps the foot encapsulated for shear force protection. 200 is arch support: 205 ia an arch support with Met support: 220 is an arch support with 1/8" medial posting: 225 is an arch support witih met support and 1/8" medial posting

Lynco 500-505-520-525 is dress 3/4 length version made from anti-microbial Carbosan material. Wont grow bacteria or fungi and has bottom layer of highly durable chrome-tanned leather. These are useful in dress shoes with little volume. The firmiest arch of all styles. 500 is arch support: 505 is arch with Met support: 520 is arch support with 1/8" medial posting: 525 is arch support with Met and 1/8" medial posting.

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