Saturday, May 14, 2005

Diabetes EXPO May 2005 Seattle Qwest Field Event Center

Diabetes EXPO
It's a trade show. It's an interactive health fair. It's one-stop shopping for everything related to diabetes and healthy living.
ADA Diabetes EXPO provides the most comprehensive array of diabetes-related products, services and information available under one roof. An ADA Diabetes EXPO is for people with diabetes, those at risk for diabetes and anyone interested in healthy living. The event that began seven years ago in Phoenix, Arizona has grown to 16 cities around the country, and more sites are being considered.
An ADA Diabetes EXPO contains highly interactive events that include professional speakers, access to health care providers, a variety of ADA program and event information, exercise and cooking demonstrations, and much more.

The May 14 American Diabetes Expo is the largest event held by the ADA in Seattle of the year. Attendance numbers for the EXPO, at the Qwest event field, showed a good reception for the free health screenings, presentations, and learning about the newwest innovations for screenings/diabetes treatments. Posted by Hello

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