Monday, May 16, 2005

I walk much better in Z-coils

Matthew Cohen has been wearing the High Desert Hiker Z-coil footwear since May 2004. Today he came in for his second pair. This time he bought a pair of Freedom 2000. He states the hikers have helped his arthritic knees so that he walks much better.

Lori Best has been a nurse at Children's for over six years. Last year the plantar fascitis heel pain began in her left heel. The Freedom 2000 helped that pain disappear after one week. Since then she started wearing the Z-coils less often. That is until last week when the right heel started to hurt. Se came in as a patient to see Dr. Kerch on a consultation for more ideas to dissipate the pain. The Prescription?: Wear Z-coils more often, add icing, stretching, night splint, Lyncos arch supports and a longitudinal arch support. She tried on the enclosed coil with her Freedoms, but decided she got more impact absorption with the open coils.

Lori Best and Mathew Cohen shared their Z-coil successes today (May 16) at Your 2 Feet with Dr. Kerch located at 1201 Pine St. Posted by Hello

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