Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Daniel and Salome Shopped at "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle for Z-Coil shoes

Daniel Lester recently came into our pain relief center "Your 2 Feet" on Capitol Hill. Two months after he started working at Harborview he saw a vender from "Your 2 Feet" selling the Z-CoiL's 12 years ago. He has been wearing Z-CoiL shoes since at Harborview Hospital. He has purchased several styles of Z-coil: Freedom black, blue and white and all white. He walks more than 5 miles a day on concrete floors as a respiratory therapist. He says his feet started "killing me at work.  Now I exclusively wear the Z-CoiL shoes to relieve my foot pain."

He tells people, "Z-CoiL impact reduction works similar to a shock on a car. I can't jump higher, but I am nicknamed Tigger at work."

Salome is a nurse at UW. She has worn the Z-CoiL shoes for three and a half years. She first saw the shoes in Arizona when some people at the hospital were wearing them. She did her CNA schooling in Arizona. At that time she had pain in her entire back from standing too long. She suffered from spinal compression. Z-Coil shoes relieve the pressure from the spinal nerves. She gets less compression and her pain is now manageable. She used to have to go to the chiropractor. She always recommends the Z-Coil to people she meets. This is her second pair: Mary Jane style and her first pair were the Bella. She has a brand new baby three months old.

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