Thursday, November 07, 2013

Christine Booth's Whole Nursing Career Changed After Wearing Z-CoiL shoes.

Christine Booth, before wearing Z-CoiL shoes, experienced excruciating joint pain, especially knee and back pain.
After a 12 hour shift as a nurse she says she had to go home and lay down because of the pain.
Since wearing Z-coiL shoes she now can go to the store and do errands after work.
She's worked as a nurse at Swedish or Virginia Mason for the past 12 years.

Christine started wearing Z-coiL shoes 6 years ago and her pain has been "1000 times" better. "These shoes changed my whole nursing career. They spoil you for other shoes. Other shoes are 'crap'."
She says "I've been big my whole life and I've played lots of sports including basketball, softball, volleyball, and pickle ball."

Christine owns 6 pairs of Z-CoiL shoes including the High Desert Hiker and Loryn.
She came to "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle to purchase an X-large pair of coils. Her previous coils were replaced with X-large coils.

Hearing our customers stories of enduring many years of symptoms, and then seeing our customers obtain relief wearing Z-CoiL shoes, is so heart warming and rewarding to us.

We'd like for you to come in, try on these impact reducing Z-CoiL shoes and see how they can help you get back to the activities you love. No appointment is necessary to be fitted for the Z-CoiL shoes.
Please call 206-786-0064 to confirm store hours.
Just ask us for more information about our plantar fascitis treatment kit, different styles of arch supports and braces.
Dr. Kerch is available for consultation by appointment. Please call 206-786-0064. She has a general podiatric practice. She makes custom orthotics and treats common foot and ankle problems including ingrown nails and athletes feet.

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