Friday, May 24, 2013

After a Car Accident, Translator Barbara Hughes, Works Now Without Pain

Barbara Hughes moved from South Korea 22 years ago and has been working as a translator in the U.S.A since then. Currently she works at the Livingstone Church, in Lakewood. Her job requires her to stand in one place for long periods of time.

Seven years ago Barbara Hughes had a car accident. Afterwards she had terrible foot pain that limited her standing and walking. She noticed she was gaining a lot of weight because her pain limited her ability to exercise. 

When she was in Albuquerque seven years ago she noticed a store selling Z-coiL shoes, which turned out to be the headquarters for Z-coiL shoes. Willing to try the pain relief shoe, she bought her first pair.

 Now she wears only Z-coiL shoes since they provide her with pain relief. She is so happy to be able to continue working as a translator without pain because she wears the Z-CoiL shoes. She has been able to be active to control her weight gain.

After buying four pairs of Z-coiL shoes at the Tumwater location, she has been generous giving her shoes away to friends suffering from pain. Coming from from Lakewood now she shops here since the Tumwater store closed.  She bought her friend Cinyoun, pictured left, a pair of Z-Coil shoes, the Daydream style. 

Barbara bought two more pairs of Z-CoiL for herself here at  "Your 2 Feet", a Z-coil and pain relief store, located  in Seattle, WA.1201 Pine St. at the base of Capital Hill. She has added the brown trek Z-coiL shoe and the black sandal to her collection. 

At the same time she rejuvenated her current pair of black athletic by purchasing a new pair of coils and insoles. These shoes are several years old.

People from all walks of life have discovered the effectiveness of these pain relief shoes. You can be the next person telling others about your success story. Call 206-786-0064 for more information.

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