Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Z-coil's are so Worth It!

Darla Moyer came in today with her Black Z-Walkers. She is so grateful about her life altering experiences wearing the Z-coils that while in the store she was telling other customers about her story that I cannot wait to tell you about.

Years ago she abused her back while landscaping, especially after a battle with a tree that she lost. This incident landed her right in traffic. Her doctors told her there was nothing that could be done for her back pain. They said: " I would have to live with the pain."

Another unfortunate accident, tripping on a rubber mat at Key Arena, ended up injuring her knees so badly she ended up with both knee having to be replaced. She now has only 37% functional capacity of her right knee and 30% use of left knee.

"Prior to wearing Z-coils, I had constant knee and back pain and had to take Vicodin 2-4 x day for the severe pain I was having."

"What works for me, if I start to have any back pain, I bounce up and down on the springs and that (release of impact) makes the pain go away-I don't know how-it just does."

"Another result of the Z-coil footwear is that instead of working only four hours per shift, I can now work 16 hour shifts at work as a prep cook for at the Hearthstone. I like my job so much that after helping my friend out for what was supposed to be only six weeks, I stayed."

"I tell everyone about them-They Are So Worth IT! I give so many people your phone number, even the folks that stop me in the street to ask me about them. The nurses at the Hearthstone want them."

" The money I have saved is from the savings of not having to buy New Balance shoes every three months at $85.00 a pop...and they did not help my pain."

While in the store we watched her walk and determined her annual tune-up was to add a wedge to the outside of her coil to control the lopsided knee she has had ever since the knee replacement.

FYI: tune-ups are free with every pair of Z-coils purchased for the lifetime of the footwear. As many of our enthusiastic Z-coil wearers share with us, and as our own wearing experience attest to, they find the Z-coil footwear appears to be longer lasting than most available shoes on the market. We are so pleased to share Darla's amazing story.

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