Thursday, March 06, 2008

Superfeet or Lynco or Custom Orthotics

Which can help me?
I hear this all the time asked by folks suffering with foot, leg, and back pain in our store "Your 2 Feet", "Z-coil Seaatle's Authorized Dealer".

The interesting thing is each of these three assist to a varying degree and can attain goals by different routes.

As you may have heard in the streaming podcast interview on an earlier post, on, the future owner of Superfeet goes into great length on the pros and cons of the various applications for her product line. The control comes in the heel cup.

Lyncos has a variable assortment of products for high or flexible low arches with or without more metatarsal support. Theirs is a more cushioning, flexible control focused more in the medial longitudinal arch.

The custom orthoses (orthotics) are usually made by a podiatrist. These usually are very controlling with posting in the heel and obtaining control around the subtalar joint via neutral positioning during casting.

At our store we also have products for higher arches that do not take up as much volume in the shoes.

To experience our products, please visit our store downtown 1201 Pine St Seattle or call 206-838-7338. We will also be at the NWWS MArch 28th-30th in the purple section Booth #1442. There is a way to approach relief for your 2 feet!

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