Monday, February 18, 2008

Bouncing around

Carol Miller came in today to replace the heels on 3 pairs of her Z coil shoes, Carol has been wearing Z coil shoes for about 2 years and loves them. She wouldnt give them up for anything. She used to spend up to 120.00 on normal shoes that "claimed" helped you walk better and to take away the pain but nothing worked. She has had terrible arthritis for about 5 years now, she has had knee surgery and has been suffering ever sense. After she bought Z coil pain relief foot wear it the pain in her knee and back was reduced tremendously. She is so in love with them she just decide to buy her 7th pair. Thats right 7 pairs in 2 years she wears them everywhere, work shopping, you name it she is in them. All of her co workers laugh and call her tigger because of the spring but at the end of the night the only one laughing is her. Free from alot of the pain the other workers are having from standing for 8-10 hours. You bounce away girl! She previously bought all of her shoes at the Puyallup store which we have to sadly say is no longer with us. But she found out the careing people of seattle are always here to help. stop back anytime.

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