Thursday, March 06, 2008

Your Two Feet can feel like This 2

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Croc, Your shoes saved my life and my marriage. About two years ago I was diagnosed with a severe case of Polio. After weeks of failed treatments, the doctors realized that I had an allergic reaction to the medicines prescribed to me. I was placed in the Iron Lung for 6th months and it deeply affected my relationship with my husband. Finally, I was released from the Iron Lung and sent to therapy in hopes that I may walk again. I was given various pairs of orthopedic shoes, but none worked. Then one day my friend introduced me to Crocs. Learning to walk again was a difficult struggle, but with the Crocs' comfort and support I was able to achieve my goals and get back to a semi-normal lifestyle. Once there, my husband and I began to mend our relationship and connect on a spiritual level we had never before reached. I just wanted to say thanks again for saving my life, my marriage, and for giving me a brighter future. I love you.
− Hope Daniels

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