Monday, February 07, 2005

Testimonial: Moses Nervis

I recently took a job in Killeen, Texas. This is the kind of work that is murder on anyone's feet, back, and joints, even the young and the young at heart. The type of work I am required to do is completely physical and demanding, something I had not done in years, but I needed the job.

My job is repairing armored vehicles that return from Iraq. The vehicles are placed in a motor pool the size of two football fields. In order to do my job, I have to walk the area several times during the day. And to make matter worse, I have to wear steel-toed boots. Each and every day my feet were killing me.

So each and every Saturday I would get a foot massage to soothe the pain. That is until I saw a lady in the Ft. Hood library wearing the strangest pair of shoes I had ever seen. I asked her about them and she was more than happy to share her good fortune with me. I went to the Web and got the address and phone number of the nearest Z-CoiL dealer and had to see for myself.

Ever since I got my steel-toed Z-CoiL boots, nothing else will do. I now wear them instead of my house shoes. Almost every day at least one co-worker asks what kind of shoes are on my feet. The others all look at my shoes funny, and that is O.K. At least now my feet are pain-free. When my feet feel good, I feel good. Thanks to the lady who told me about Z-CoiLs.

Moses Nervis
Madison, AL

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