Monday, February 21, 2005

Rick Steves Graffiti Wall

Travelers weigh in on traveling with the Z-coils:
Doris Becck came in today after hearing about Z-coils on the Graffiti Wall. She travels to Italy and France annually when possible. Today she started wearing the Z-coil.

Check out these testimonials found on Rick Steves site:

z coils
I need bunion surgury on both feet due to loss of joint cartilage AND I sell furniture in a large, busy store. I wear only z-coil sidewinders which have saved my life.
carolyn smith
austin , tx USA Wed 12/15/2004

Z-coils! I just bought a pair for walking and find them heavenly. They are ugly, but who cares when your feet feel good. My doctor had mentioned them for the pain in the bottom of my heels.
Frances McCloskey
La Jolla, CA USA Sat 08/28/2004

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