Monday, February 28, 2005

Podiatry Management: DPM springs for coiled shoes

Podiatry Management: DPM springs for coiled shoes: "There is a new kind of shoe that literally puts a spring in one's step. Called the Z-Coil shoe, it's got a heavy-duty spring instead of a standard heel. Tests show it reduces the normal impact to the heel by about 35 percent Unlike running shoes with rubber or air-filled inserts, the spring-heeled shoe is built specifically for a medical purpose. Most customers are patients with orthopedic problems in their feet, legs or back.

The shoe fits for podiatrist Dr. Donald Green who tested it out himself and now prescribes Z-Coil for his patients. 'I've put a couple of patients in them with fused feet in the shoes and it really takes the pressure off their backs.'

Source: NBC5 News"

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