Sunday, February 27, 2005

EZ-Shoes : Testimonial - Sioux and Bryce George

EZ-Shoes : Testimonial - Sioux and Bryce George

Sioux and Bryce are square dancers, and love to dance! Before the got Z-CoiL's, their feet would be tortured as they danced on concrete for 3 days straight at the various square dancing events. They bought their first pairs at a square dancing event in April of 2002.

"Four of us bought Z-CoiL's and danced for six hours the same day we bought them," says Sioux. "I stand for 8-10 hours at a time for my job [as a software consultant] and I am amazed at the end of the day to have my feet not hurt! I used to take my shoes off every chance I got, now I wear my clogs in place of slippers.

"I now have six pair of Z-CoiL's and I don't wear any other shoes! I wear my black sandals with long skirts, even on formal night on cruises! I'm still dancing when others have to sit down! I don't have to stop and look at any other shoes."

Bryce now owns 4 different styles. "People have stopped me to answer their questions so many times that I have made myself an 'ambassador'. We travel quite a bit, so I visit Z-CoiL stores when I can and gather local business cards. Now, when I am stopped, I am able to answer questions and give out some local advertising.

"One question I seem to get most frequently is 'How long does it take to get used to them?' My reply is 'About 3 steps!' I wish I had Z-CoiL's during the 30 years I taught on concrete!" says Bryce.

As you can see, they love their Z-CoiL's and won't wear anything but them!

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Caesar Snee

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