Sunday, August 16, 2009

Twelve Hour Days Standing and Walking at Work (in the ER) is Not Natural

Edward Suddath, RN discovered the Z-CoiL footwear twelve years ago. He shared his Z-CoiL journey last week when he came to our Z-CoiL Footwear Store at the base of Capital Hill (1201 Pine St) in Seattle all the way from the Tri-Cities.
He was looking for a natural solution for his chronic foot pain.
Diagnosed years ago with acquired neuropathy and ankle pain, standing and walking has been very demanding and painful.
"I have been working as an ER nurse for 24 years. Standing and walking is not a natural expectation in one's work-a-day-world. So to have a shoe that makes your feet say "ahh" while working, walking, standing and trying to make a living 40 hours a week, is a true God-send."
Edward came in to buy a pair of Work Boots. We at Z-CoiL of Seattle have work boots available with a ASTM composite toe. There are a few steel toed work boots still available that are ANSI approved. Since they are in limited supply, please call ahead so we can check for your size. If neither of those are required, a regular toed boot is also available.
Edward assures you, "The investment in Z-CoiL is worth every penny especially as to the comparative cost of regular tennis shoes. Since they help so much, and last so long, the cost is probably less than all the Nike, Addidas, Prince and K-Swiss I have bought in the interim."
The long lasting component of the Z-CoiL shoes is in addition to the added component of fewer likely visits to the doctors office. Think of the value you are getting in your investment!
Edward is one of our evangelists," Just try 'em and you'll be convinced you have made a good decision for the future of your health and well-being."

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