Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jewelya Ianniciello Rates Z-CoiL #1 When Added to Her Regimen For Sciatica Relief and Healthy, Natural Lifestyle Changes

Jewelya has followed her passion for social work since she was 18 years old. She started as a certified day care teacher, then worked as an outreach coordinator with youth. Seven years of college at the Tacoma branch of the UW earned her a social work degree with an emphasis on chemical dependency counseling and a specialty in crisis work for youth and families. This was in addition to doing volunteer work in the field.
Through these years of college she supported herself working on a labor product making ice cream for seven years. The repetitious lifting caused an injury to her left sciatic nerve. From the L&I claim she learned she was lifting four thousand to four thousand five hundred pounds repetitiously through out the day at her job.
She was out of work for a year due to this work-related injury. That first month she couldn't move at all. For quite awhile she was not able to lift any weight.
This was especially hard to take since she had been an athlete. From middle school until 27 years old she had run track and was a sprinter. Sprinters have a particularly annoying tingling in the ball of their feet.
Rehabilitation included massage, yoga, and a chiropractor working on C1-C4 since these affected the rest of her spine. The rebuilding process consisted of five years of physical therapy. This was needed to get the sciatic pain under control. However, the pain always came back to the sciatic nerve especially when she had been on her feet all day.
Her twenty years in social work has now culminated in her current positions. She does ER work at the Franciscan Hospital in Tacoma as well as crisis work in the field for the Hospital as a social worker. Additionally she does more crisis work for Pierce County.
She works 10-12 hour shifts on her feet. Adding in lifestyle walking after hours, she is on her feet on average 15 hours per day.
Nurses at the hospital told her about the Z-CoiL footwear in glowing testimonials. One nurse had thrown out all of her other shoes and she now owns five pair of Z-CoiLs. Every one hears about the Z-CoiL shoes from her.
Jewelya started wearing the Z-CoiL footwear four-five months ago. She came to Z-CoiL of Seattle to buy her first pair of White Freedom 2000. Now she has returned to buy a pair of Mary Janes (Taos with strap) for a friend of hers that has hip pain.
The first week she wore them three days at home first. Then she worked her long shifts wearing only the Z-CoiL shoes.
"I had No Sciatic Pain Throughout The Day!"
She noticed that aching tired feeling in her feet went away as well. She is pain free with no issues with her sciatic nerve pain.
An added benefit is that if she does not have time to do the stretching she needed to have done for the day, the Z-CoiL footwear compensates for it.
Jewelya has done her own research asking for feedback from the various nurses who wear the Z-CoiL shoes at work. Her results: " Nurses from heavier to lighter shape all say...The Z-CoiL Shoes Have Been A Blessing!"
Remember she mentioned that sprinters have that annoying tingling in the balls of her feet? She no longer gets the tingling wearing the Z-CoiLs.
A one week conference for the International Social Work Fellowship in Finland brought 232 attendees from 32 countries. Jewelya just returned yesterday from attending the conference. Everyone has a chance to share the latest ideas to further the profession. Z-CoiLs came up in the conversation quite a bit when attendees saw her wearing them.
Jewelya says,"My focus is holistic care and life changes to sustain healthy things in the life of someone experiencing a crisis. I review nutrition and other healthy helpful ideas for the body. I have added Z-CoiL to the helpful, healthy ideas I recommend, especially for those suffering from foot, leg, or back pain issues. Through access to the Internet website, I was able to better inform the other conference attendees of the Z-CoiL footwear."
We at Z-CoiL of Seattle are thrilled to add such a passionate Jewelya to the ranks of our evangelists spreading the word about Z-CoiLs. We extend our appreciation to you for making the long trip from Tacoma to visit us and for your referrals.

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