Monday, August 03, 2009

"Outstanding Shoe", Says John L. Nichols Today at Z-CoiL of Seattle

"If I hadn't kicked a pallet while I was working at Home Depot, my Z-CoiL work boots would have lasted even longer. That accident ripped apart the upper part of the shoe. Fortunately,my foot was OK. As it was the work boots with the enclosed coil gave me 2 1/2 years of relief.", says John N.
John came in for his third pair of Z-CoiL shoes, this time for his second pair of hiking boots. The first pair were grey, these are the new brown ones. He was able to revitalize his previous shoes getting a new set of coils as needed to replace the older pair over the years. This is a good option for sprucing up your Z-CoiL shoes for added performance until the upper wears out. He wears out the outside of his shoes since he walks to the outside of his foot. Of course it is recommended you replace your Z-CoiL shoes every year for maximum performance.
Today we put him on the I-step pressure analysis to assess his feet and their pressure points. John was fitted with a pair of top grade over-the counter Lynco orthotics. He could feel how the support from the Lynco's would help him right away. This added support should help with the wear on his shoes also since it gives motion control, especially for pronation.
He bought his first pair in 2003 at the Puyallup store that is no longer there. He plans on coming to visit us at the Puyallup Fair. We plan on being there from Sept. 16-27 in the Showplex Building, Booth # 0514.
John first heard about the Z-CoiL shoes from reading an article in a magazine. After his online search he was convinced the Z-CoiL footwear would help relieve his suffering from nagging foot, leg and back pain at the end of 8-9 hours standing and walking on concrete at Home Depot of Puyallup.
John has been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease in his spinal discs. In the past he had to take Tylenol with codeine for the pain, which he hated doing. "Z-CoiL has made a world of difference! Only when I twist my back out at work do I need to take those medications. No more end of the day foot, leg and back pain.", says John.
John is eager to spread the word about how these shoes have helped him. He says" Four people at work are now wearing these Z-CoiL's because of me telling them about how they helped me. This is an outstanding shoe that I would recommend for everyone."

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