Monday, February 04, 2008

Firefighter in pain no more

Melissa Ledbetter is in at out Downtown location at our first ever 20% sale. She is buying her 5th pair of Z-coil shoes. Melissa has been a firefighter for some time now as well as a loving mother whose on the go all the time. In 2003 Melissa was diagnosed with planter fascitis she was in terrible pain from running on her feet all the time. She heard about Z-coils from one of her friends and she said no way! Have you seen them but after 2 years in pain she decided hey why not lets try something. My feet are killing me. Melissa bought her first pair of shoes at the Bellevue locations (which sadly is no longer there.) Sense wearing Z coils she has had tremendous Improvements and has little to no pain. She says that Z-coils were one of the best things that came into her life.
You guys rock!

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