Monday, June 28, 2004

Z-Coil Miami: Z-CoiL® Testimonial of the Month: June


"Two weeks ago I bought my first pair of Z-CoiLs, last week I bought my second pair and next week I will buy my third. After four years of suffering from plantar fasciitis, I was spending hours a day taping and icing my feet. Next month I was scheduled for a $10,000 surgical procedure that was not covered by my insurance and was not guaranteed to work. After two weeks in Z-CoiLs, the surgery has been cancelled, my feet no longer hurt, and I am jogging for the first time in four years.
As a professional actor, often I spend several 14-hour days back to back, working on concrete floors inside sound studios. Remembering the lines, the pressure of the hot lights, and making the part work is challenge enough. Sore, aching feet is an extra burden I do not need. I am your latest convert and can't thank you enough for designing such affordable and effective pain relief footwear.
Gary Grubbs
Hattiesburg, MS"

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