Friday, June 25, 2004

Your2Feet - Meet Dr. Kerch, Fremont Fair Audio Interview

Your2Feet - Meet Dr. Kerch: "In the more than twenty years I have been in private solo practice, it has been an honor to serve Seattleites and visitors having foot pain. In the summer of 2002 I was introduced to the Z-CoiL(r) footwear which was said to relieve people of foot leg and back pain. I decided to do a trial study with a few patients with the Z-CoiL(r) footwear to see if they obtained pain relief. The results of this trial were substantial relief of pain in areas where other treatments had not worked. These results were enough to make a decision to set a new course for me, my practice, and my patients.
I decided it was too important not to introduce this possibility of pain relief to more people by bringing the Z-CoiL(r) footwear to Seattle. The decision in 2003 to move out of the Medical Dental Building, site of my medical practice on the 4th floor for 13 years, to move to a ground floor shop presence on Pine St, was a monumental one for me. My intention of keeping the Ballard office operating at the same time was an easy one since I had such supportive patients during this time of transition. All beginnings are a challenge and my staff and I set out to do it right. "

Listen to an audio interview of Dr. Kerch at the Fremont Fair (June 2004)

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