Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maralee Eells Buys Her Fourth Pair of Z-CoiLs

You can have your Z-CoiL shoes custom adjusted for various fitting issues.
Ms. Eells's had all four pair of Z-coiL shoes she owns stretched for better fit.

She purchased a pair of High Desert hiking shoes during this shopping trip to our Seattle "Your 2 Feet" Z-CoiL Pain Relief Center.
She purchased her first pair of Z-CoiL shoes five years ago, the blue and white athletic style Z-CoiL.
At a young age, she had a total hip replacement for a genetic condition, TRP Type 1, which caused osteoarthritis and finger deformities. Her right hip replacement was earlier this year.
Since trying Z-CoiL shoes she's noticed relief in her ankle and heel. She doesn't get as tired, especially with walking, when she is wearing her Z-CoiL shoes.
When she doesn't wear her Z-CoiL shoes, her knees, shins, ankle and heels begin to ache.
In 2005, a fellow customer at Walmart told Maralee how much her Z-CoiL shoes were helping her foot and ankle pain.
When asked, she tells people how her Z-CoiL shoes help her foot, hip and back pain.
Last November, Maralee sustained an on the job injury where she worked as a hotel housekeeper in 2005.
She tried chiropractic care. Six months after her injury her hip joint was bone against bone. Her hip replacement was performed in December 2005.
Hunting season is in October. Last year Maralee shot her first deer, in August her first bear.
She lives in Raymond where she hikes hills and takes care of her 8th grade daughter Elizabeth.

Hearing our customers stories of having endured many years of symptoms, and then seeing our customers obtain relief wearing Z-CoiL shoes, is so heart warming and rewarding to us.

If you are looking for solutions to issues involving foot, leg or back, let me suggest you visit our store "Your 2 Feet", Z-CoiL of Seattle, which is located at the base of Capital Hill in Seattle.
Once you try on these impact reducing Z-CoiL shoes, you will see how the Z-CoiL shoes can help you get back to the activities you love. No appointment is necessary to be fitted for the Z-CoiL shoes.
Please call 206-786-0064 to confirm store hours. Amazon purchases are available from our online store.

Please ask us for more information about our plantar fascitis treatment kit as well as our different styles of arch supports, braces and our variety of other relief items.

A quality care podiatry clinic is adjacent to the Z-CoiL store. Podiatrist, Dr. Lotchie Kerch, is available for consultation by appointment. Please call 206-786-0064. She makes custom orthotics and treats common foot and ankle problems including ingrown nails, injuries and athletes feet.

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