Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Renae Shurtz Travels the World Wearing Her Z-CoiL Shoes!

 Renae has been wearing Z-Coil shoes since 2009. She purchased her fifth pair of Z-Coil shoes at "Your 2 Feet", Z-Coil of Seattle store. She drove from Wenatchee to add to her collection.
Her other Z-CoiL styles are a pair of sidewinder sandals, Loryn, Mary Jane and blue and white Freedom tennis shoes.
She always purchases covers for her coils, so her coils are hidden with a covered coil. (See picture below).
Renae first sighted Z-CoiL shoes when she saw a woman wearing a pair of Z-CoiL shoes while touring Israel in 2009. At first Renae thought they were hideous. She questioned the woman about her shoes and learned how much relief she had received from wearing them..
When she returned home, a chiropractor in Boise recommended she try the shoes. Her first pair were the Z-CoiL Loryn's with a covered heel.

Renae is a retired bookkeeper. For 25 years she was her late husbands dental practice bookkeeper. After he died she continued bookkeeping for an oral surgeon.
Now retired, she enjoys traveling the continents of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and North America. Some of her trips include England, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Denmark, Scotland, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Morocco, etc. Renae's favorite places  are Belize, Italy, France, Turkey. She traveled all over Turkey-Istanbul, Anatalya, Epheses.

Renae has experimented with not wearing Z-CoiL shoes for a few days. She noticed all of her joints began to hurt.
She's spent a lot of money on shoes in the past. The other shoes never helped her pain and they didn't wear as long. She ended up having to give her shoes away, including her Dansko.

When asked about her Z-CoiL experience and why she wears Z-CoiL shoes, she answers, " These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. They aren't the prettiest or sexy, but they work! I can't walk far in other shoes. Z-CoiL shoes take away the impact and my joints don't hurt. I take off my Z-CoiL shoes at airports because they set off the alarm."

Hearing our customers stories of having endured many years of symptoms, and then seeing our customers obtain relief wearing Z-CoiL shoes, is so heart warming and rewarding to us.

We'd like for you to come to our store "Your 2 Feet", Z-CoiL of Seattle, is located at the base of Capital Hill in Seattle.
Once you try on these impact reducing Z-CoiL shoes, you will see how the Z-coil shoes can help you get back to the activities you love. No appointment is necessary to be fitted for the Z-CoiL shoes.
Please call 206-786-0064 to confirm store hours. Amazon purchases are available from our online store.

Please ask us for more information about our plantar fascitis treatment kit as well as our different styles of arch supports, braces and our variety of other relief items.

A quality care podiatry clinic is adjacent to the Z-CoiL store. Podiatrist, Dr. Lotchie Kerch, is available for consultation by appointment. Please call 206-786-0064. She makes custom orthotics and treats common foot and ankle problems including ingrown nails, injuries and athletes feet.

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