Tuesday, June 03, 2014

An Orthopedic Physician Recommended John Hunt Try Z-CoiL For His Knee Pain

John Hunt started wearing Z-CoiL shoes in 2009. He decided to purchase his second pair of Z-CoiL Liberty black athletic shoe at Z-CoiL of Seattle, "Your 2 Feet".

He credits his Z-CoiL Z-port sandals and Z-CoiL Freedom black athletic shoes for protecting his knees. He's been able to use less Ibuprofen for pain and swelling ever since wearing Z-CoiL shoes in 2009.

He experimented for 6 months not wearing his Z-CoiL shoes. His knee pain grew considerably worse.

He met an an orthopedist flying model airplanes. This doctor related he had been wearing Z-CoiL shoes for years and he recommended John try the Z-Coil shoes for his knee pain.

John has flown model airplanes for 10 years. He really likes the Calypso glider model with rudders because it can soar for hours.

John retired at 55 years old from teaching athletics and gymnastics for 32 years. He performed gymnastics in college.

Currently John teaches ESL worldwide (China, Guatemala)and at the University of Washington helping folks learn English.

 John is asked, "Wow, cool shoes. What are the shoes for?"
He answers: "An orthopedic physician I met recommended I wear them. If you pronate the Z-coil shoes will cushion." (Adjusting the tension on the coils can improve pronation)

He ran marathons 25 years ago. These shoes help reduce the wear and tear on joints.

Hearing our customers stories of enduring many years of symptoms, and then seeing our customers obtain relief wearing Z-CoiL shoes, is so heart warming and rewarding to us.

We'd like for you to come to our store "Your 2 Feet" located at the base of Capital Hill in Seattle.
Once you try on these impact reducing Z-CoiL shoes, you will see how the Zcoil shoes can help you get back to the activities you love. No appointment is necessary to be fitted for the Z-CoiL shoes.
Please call 206-786-0064 to confirm store hours. Amazon purchases are available from our online store.

Please ask us for more information about our plantar fascitis treatment kit as well as our different styles of arch supports and braces.

A quality care podiatry clinic is adjacent to the Z-CoiL store. Podiatrist, Dr. Lotchie Kerch, is available for consultation by appointment. Please call 206-786-0064. She makes custom orthotics and treats common foot and ankle problems including ingrown nails, injuries and athletes feet.

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