Saturday, November 13, 2010

Walk it Off Seattle: Countdown For Prizes- Be the Biggest Loser

Walk it Off Seattle

The challenge now is to weigh less at the end of the year than you do now.

"Your 2 Feet" is offering another incentive for those of you that love your Z-CoiL's (or other brands that we carry). Our offer of free money savings tied to your weight loss has got to help. Add to that a chance to win big if you reach your's the perfect combination! All you have to lose is your weight. Just stop in or call, no purchase is necessary.

Pain relief encourages more walking. We want you to get so excited by your progress in pain and weight loss the Z-CoiL way, you'll want to share your story. It's as easy as 1-5:

1. Sign-Up for "Walk It Off Seattle" at our store. You will fill out an entry form and officially weigh-in anytime this year. The entry form will list your current weight and desired weight loss goals for 2010. You will also certify that you are physically healthy enough to walk for exercise, that you are aware of exercise risks. Certain other conditions apply.

2. Start walking. Stick to your exercise, nutrition and weight loss program and chart your progress. Best of all every pound you lose equals $1.00 in store credit! I can just see the pounds peeling off and the register showing a loss also.

3. You can "Cash-In" Anytime in 2010. You can end the program at any time simply by weighing in and closing out your entry form. For example, if you lose 15 pounds by March, you can end the program and we will award you $15.00 in store credit.

4. "Grand Prizes" are awarded for weight loss written goals reached over 25 pounds. If you have a goal to safely lose over 25 pounds and you reach your written goal, you will be eligible to draw an envelope from the "Grand Prize" basket. Grand prizes include a free pair of shoes from manufacturers including Z-CoiL, Terrasoles,Crocs, Ryn, Aetrex shoe lines. Other neighboring businesses will also be contributing to the Grand Prize as well.

5. The contest ends December 31, 2010. No purchase is necessary to enter. If any parties find this promotion to be offensive or objectionable, we reserve the right to cancel the program without notice.

We at "Your 2 Feet" want more of you to reach those obtainable goals.

Send us your healthy recipes to stimulate good nutrition for those of us on this losing journey. We'll put the best of them in our newsletter.

The countdown is on to be the Biggest Loser.

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