Friday, September 17, 2010

Marilyn Willour From Palm Springs Visits Your 2 Feet

Marilyn Willour came all the way from Palm Springs stopping in Reno and Sacramento on the way. The Palm Springs and Orange County Z-CoiL store went out of business some time ago. Stopping in Reno for the Z-CoiLs she found it closed. The Reno store owners were at a Health Fair so the store was closed.

Marilyn's search finally ended when she found "Your 2 Feet" in Seattle on Google. She wanted to buy a pair of the blue and white Freedoms that are currently on sale until the end of September.

Marilyn met her husband as a working romance. They both worked at JC Penny when they met. She was a sales clerk. He was working as a stock clerk until he moved up to management. Was it love at first site?

Marilyn worked at JC Penny for 35 years and retired in 1992. They are visiting Seattle for a JC Penny retirees reunion. This group meets every 2 years in different parts of the country. The next reunion will probably be on the East coast, maybe Nashville. Ross worked at JC Penny and will be getting his 50 year pin today at the convention being held at the Olive 8 Hyatt near "Your 2 Feet".

Ten years ago Marilyn's painful symptoms began in both feet. She was diagnosed with a neuroma on her left foot and plantar fascitis on her right. Walking was made even more painful when she was diagnosed with right hip arthritis. Her walking was severely limited due to her painful symptoms. After she got introduced to the Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear this all changed.

Her daughter was at a women's expo in Orange County where there was an exhibit of the Z-CoiL's. Her daughter called her mom and said, "I've found the shoes for you!" She knew how much her mom was suffering and had been looking everywhere for a shoe solution.

Marilyn bought her first pair of Z-CoiL's in 2003 from a franchise in Reno. She said," I got almost immediate relief. The change was so dramatic! I could now walk pain free 5 miles with no problems with anything."

I now have three pairs of Z-Coils, the Sidewinder sandal, the Taos clog, and the Z-Walker. My Z-Walkers are ready to bite the dust after 7 years of wearing them. I had to replace the coils twice, but the insides are now falling out. It's time to retire them. I am so glad to get my fourth pair of Z-CoiL's...and they are on sale!

Sometimes people ask, "What are those funny shoes?" Marilyn answers," These Z-CoiL's have helped me so much. Here is the name of the shoe (she writes the name on a card). Just look online for where to get them near where you live." She tells them how the Z-CoiL's have helped her. They respond, "I want to learn more about the Z-CoiL because I have pain also."

The latest inquiry was made while Ross and Marilyn were waiting to take a tram from Mt. Sanjacinto to the desert near Palm Springs. The mountain has hiking trails and different activities to do. A woman said "Where did you get your shoes? I've been looking for them every where." Since the woman was from Massachusetts, Marilyn recommended she inquire if the Z-CoiL's may be on exhibit at the Big E.

Ross and Marilyn are adventurous travelers. Some of their stops have been to Alaska, Canada, Europe and around the USA. In Massachusetts they were very enthused about the Big E. Six states participate in the Big E event. Each state has a replica of their state house on display.

Marilyn and Ross brightened our day with their visit. Have a great visit to Seattle...and Happy Trails!

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