Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fall Fashion, Year Round Comfort

We are proud to announce Your 2 Feet will be showcasing an extension of the Aetrex brand of shoes. A shipment of limited supplies of the new Berry collection from Aetrex is being assembled for shipment to Your 2 Feet. The styles/colors/ sizes were ordered months ago.
We mentioned the Berry arrival in the recent newsletter.
If your choice is not in this shipment, we can check availability and do a special order for you.

Style Choices: Mary Jane, Slip-on, Clog
Color Choices are Blackberry, Blueberry, Mulberry, Raspberry, Cocoberry, Appleberry, Cranberry, Boysenberry

Mochaberry shade comes in the Mary Jane style only.

The Berries come in different width (some styles) and in half sizes.

A special feature of the Berries is the patented Mozaic Insole. It's a pressure relief insole for customized comfort.

The sandalistas for the summer (we have a limited supply left), have the same Mosaic Insole. Not to mention the top of the line over the counter orthotics Aetrex fabricates. The sandalistas are now on sale for 25% off.

Your 2 Feet can testify that every Aetrex product we carry is manufactured with the same quality materials and amount of arch support.

Aetrex has found the right balance combining comfort, arch support, styles and a variety of choices.

You are going to love these shoes.

Choose from the Mary Jane, slip-on and clog collection.

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