Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Judy Ackerman is a Loyal Everett Customer

Judy came from No. Everett to shop at Your 2 Feet, formerly Z-CoiL of Seattle. She's been wearing Z-CoiL's for 5 years, but also wears our medical grade crocs. She went to Ballard for her first pair of Z-CoiL's, the Freedom Black. Last year she came to Your 2 Feet to purchase a pair of Mary Jane's. Added to her collection is a black sandal. Her discovery of how the shoes work was from people wearing them. She stopped to ask about them and where they got them. Pam came with her today and bought a pair of Z-CoiL's.

She's been a loyal Fred Meyer employee in the garden center for 8 years. After an injury and when arthritis set in her hands she had work only seasonally 4 years ago. She fell into her home rockery 4 years ago and split open her right leg. The hand injury was extensive with many complications in healing. Back injuries make her have a touchy "slippery" disc.

She says, "The leg and back pain cleared up after I started wearing Z-CoiL's. They helped me reduce impact so my back pain went to zero. Z-CoiL's help strengthen my inner core muscles. I feel elated because of the spring in my step." Her interest in the Z-CoiL's was also spurred from a search for a remedy for the pain in the side of her right foot. The muscle stiffness went away with the Z-CoiL's. Massage and orthotics did not seem to help much.

She continues," I refer people to Your 2 Feet 3-6 times a week at Fred Meyer because people ask about them. I sometimes get off the wall comments like-What's with the shoes?. I explain what the Z-CoiL's do for you, how they have helped me over time including the side and bottom of my right foot."

Thanks Judy for being such a loyal customer, for coming from so far, and for showing your friend Pam a way toward better health.

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