Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Donald Bordner Now Has 16 Pairs of Z-CoiL's!

If Your 2 Feet had a Hall of Fame, Don would be named to it.

Pictured is our customer of the month Don Bordner, a 75 year old called by his co-workers Don Juan. He charms the elderly woman at the dances he goes to. One of the women said, "I've got a live one!."

With the 3 new pairs of shoes he just bought here, he has 16 pairs of Z-CoiL's. Today he bought 2 pairs of Santa Fe's and a pair of Taos Zipper shoes. His first pair was purchased when Z-CoiL first came to this area. He met Al Gallegos, the Z-CoiL inventor, at the Bellevue stores grand opening. (Bellevue's Z-CoiL store closed).

The variety of Z-CoiL's is for the opera, dancing, driving metro buses, walking, and running around Greenlake.

He is a role model for graceful aging. His secret? He credits Z-CoiL's and tells all his co-workers Z-CoiL's are why his knees don't give out and why he has more zip than men half his age.

As a metro bus driver he is required to wear his Z-CoiL's with covered coils (all Z-CoiL shoes with open coils can be converted to covered coils). The "official policy" of Metro says- No self-respecting bus driver would be allowed to show his springs. Until the Z-CoiL wearing bus drivers took Metro to civil court, they were not allowed to wear the Z-CoiL's at all. They were concerned the coils might get caught in the pedal. Don says," We drive with our toes, so why is there a problem?"

Don is the Renaissance man epitomizing we are as young as our heart.

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