Monday, March 08, 2010

Jewel says "The Z-CoiLs Make Everything Not Hurt"

Jewel Martinez-Velasquez bought her first pair of Z-CoiL's 5 years ago. At that time there was a store in Puyallup. Her first pair was a gray Zueco Clog that has since been discontinued. However we have a few left in stock on sale. We had her size so she was happy.

She had her high desert hikers tuned up with a new pair of coils and Insoles. After watching her walk, she needed a coil adjustment. The coil's were turned 90 degrees to correct for her over-pronation. She is unable to wear sandals because of how much she pronates, but then they never turned her coils on the sandals. We'll have to try that out next.

Jewel found out about the Z-CoiL's when she saw someone in Pet Smart wearing them. She was a dog Food Rep at that time for Blue Buffalo-totally natural, holistic, and fit for human consumption.

For the past three and 1/2 years she has worked as a special projects coordinator for Rest Co. She goes into Safeway with a schematic of how things are to be displayed on the shelves. Discontinued items are removed, etc. The company also does projects for other companies such as for J & J. This job involves 10-12 hour days walking on cement.

Her issues are with foot pain. She has progressive degenerative joint disease in her feet, plantar fascitis and she overpronates. She's tried custom made orthotics, but they have not worked. The only thing that has worked are the Z-CoiLs. She says,"It took some breaking them in and she had to learn a new way to walk. Then everything fell into place. I got 100% relief as long as I wear them. I can't walk without my Z-CoiL's."

"People ask me about the shoes all the time. I tell them the benefits are great. The Z-CoiL's absorb the shock so you don't get that jolt up the legs and back. The Z-CoiL's also help to not create problems. The Z-CoiL's make everything not hurt."

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