Thursday, March 04, 2010

It Doesn't Matter How Much They Cost, If They Can Take Away The Pain

Toni Galiirobbins and Robb Robbins have been married for 47 years. They met 52 years ago when he was a 16 year old youngster working as a soda jerk. She was 14 years old when she met him.
Toni worked for 15 years running a daycare. Later she was employed at RJ Reynolds doing sales field work.
Robb was a paid firefighter for 31 years in Oakland, CA and Ashland, OR. He worked construction in gravel, concrete, and mud. The mud in particular made it challenging with the Z-CoiL's until he started wearing galoshes.

Toni had been suffering with heel spurs and plantar fascitis for 4 years under the care of her podiatrist. Nothing worked from injections, custom orthotics, physical therapy, etc.

They saw the Z-CoiL's in a window in a Grant's Pass store 10 years ago. Toni was game for anything that could help her heel pain. One month after wearing her first pair of Z-CoiL's 99% of her pain went away.

Her podiatrist warned her not to wear the Z-CoiL's because he thought they were dangerous. Toni says," Yes , they were dangerous- to his practice! I have never had to go back to him."

Toni has at least 8 pairs of Z-CoiL's-different colors, different styles. A black and a white pair of clogs. The athletic shoe "Freedom 2000" in white, in black, in blue and white. Two pairs of sandals, one in beige/tan, one in black.

Robb has 8 pairs including the pair he bought today-the Z-trek. The Z-trek is a good all around shoe. Robb started wearing them after asking his wife if she thought the Z-CoiL's might help his hip and back pain. His right leg is 3/4 inch shorter than his left. He pronates (rolls in ) more on his right side. After several attempts, the Grant's Pass store was able to find the right coil configuration to work for him. The coils last a long time. He replaces them every 2 years.

Robb now wears an extra large coil on his right side and a medium coil on his left side. He has the right coil turned 90 degrees on most of his shoes. Today we had him try a left XL on his right foot. These modifications help control his pronation and amount the coil descends on walking. He will consider enclosed coils now since swapping right for left XL on his right seems to be helping.

Toni and Robb square dance 2-3 times a week. At conventions they are dancing 4-6 hours a day. The Z-CoiL's help the pain especially on concrete floors. On wood they can get away with cowboy boots some of the time, wearing Z-CoiL's between dances.

Robb says, " I want the Z-CoiL cowboy boots. They will be my next pair."

Toni and Robb," We tell people about them all the time. If they have time, they get the whole story. If not, we give them the abbreviated story. These Z-CoiL's helped what was causing me pain. "

"It doesn't matter how much they cost if they take away the pain. "

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