Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Joe Runs With Relief

Joe Etchart lives in Montana and came to our store recently while visiting our fair city.

Joe bought his blue and white Freedom 2000 (athletic shoes) eight or ten years ago.

These are the only shoes he is able to run in that don't bother his knees. He bought the Z-CoiL's in Albuquerque after his family told him about them. At that time the old location for the Z-CoiL corporate store was in Albuquerque it is now in a bigger store in a new location) . He was pleased with the service since his gait was analyzed for the need of any coil adjustment.
He had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and open surgery on his left knee. The knee trouble made it hard for him to run until he found the Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear. Now he runs five miles a day.
The maintenance of the footwear includes replacing the coils for new ones every so often. This is accomplished by unscrewing the old coils and screwing in the new coils.

When his kids were younger he wore the Z-CoiL's to their track meets. Many folks asked about them and he told them they work for him.
"Exercise is very important to me and without the Z-CoiLs I wouldn't be able to do it."have been the only thing that works for me to keep me active".

Joe is involved in ranching, manages real estate and is on the Board of Directors of Alpine Air, a regional freighter airline.

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