Friday, November 20, 2009

Bob Graduated from Dottie's Hand-Me-Downs to His own Z-CoiLs.

Bob Graham visited our store, Z-CoiL of Seattle, from So. Miami. He works for Univision, a Spanish TV network for the past 30 years. He was in town for the soccer match this week-end. It is a MLS- Major League Soccer game, LA Galaxy versus Utah. Featured will be David Beckham and lots of Spanish players. Players from both teams make up the US team competing for the World Cup.
Bob is staying at the Hyatt here in Seattle. Machiavelli's is a couple of doors down from our store. On the way back to the Hyatt after a delicious Italian dinner at Machivaellis, he spotted our store. The next day he came right over for his third pair of Z-CoiL's. He has been wearing Z-CoiL shoes for the past 8 years.
He first saw the Z-CoiL shoes being worn by an ICU nurse in Phoenix 10 years ago.
Bob's wife Dottie started wearing the Z-CoiL shoes first, about nine years ago. Dottie now has 9 pairs of Z-CoiL's: 2 pairs of athletic shoes (Freedom) blue and white and one is all white, Black Mary Jane style, Black clog, and another sneaker type.
Bob got Dottie's hand me downs for 5-6 years. "These shoes just last so long".
Bob purchased his first new pair of Z-CoiL shoes about three years ago.
Last summer Dottie gave away Bob's brown hiking boots to a friend who had very bad shin splints. The shin splints went away. "You can't pry the Z-CoiL's off his feet", Bob said. This friend's wife helped them obtain their first Chinese baby adoption. She was 13 months old at the time of adoption and is now 4 years old. The paperwork is in now for a second Chinese adoption. Bob said, "Being 50 and having a 4 year old child keeps me young."
His previous pair of dress sandals he forgot to put up and the Z-CoiL's got chewed on by their puppy. This left him Z-CoiL-less and on the hunt for a new pair.
Today he is trying out the enclosed coils on a pair of gray hiking boots. After being evaluated on the I-Step machine, he was fitted for a pair of supportive Lynco orthotics. The enclosed coil can be attached to any Z-CoiL style.
Dottie has lower back pain that the Z-CoiL's help eliminate. She worked as a trauma nurse, but now is getting her masters to be a nurse practioner.
When they were in China, the Chinese people were taking pictures of the Z-CoiL footwear. In the US Dottie and Bob are telling people about the Z-CoiL's.
Speaking of China,Audrey S. visited our Z-CoiL store from China while visiting Seattle. She is an ex-patriot. Her mother in Spokane raved about the shoes so much she convinced her daughter to get a pair. Audrey was evaluated on the I-Step Pressue Analysis and was fitted with the Lynco supportive orthotics in her new Z-CoiL brown hikers and two pairs of our great socks that keep you warm while wicking away any moisture on your feet.

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