Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tom and Boe Duffy of Glenwood, New Mexico Get Relief With Our Orthotics

Tom and Boe Duffy live on a pristine ranch nestled in a small community.
This area hosts a variety of natural sites including this waterfall that enables you to walk behind the cascading water. It is reached by walking on a well maintained catwalk carved into the mountainside over the river. Many visitors and schools come here every year.
Tom and Boe own a robust company designing systems and being a distributor for solar and wind powered projects. Their website is:
They have been in the renewable energy sources of wind and solar for over forty years.
Their adobe home maintains an even temperature all year round with no heaters or air conditioners. The house is totally off the grid and solar powered.
Tom and Boe have been plagued for years with a painful foot condition called neuromas.
For the first time they are experiencing relief after wearing our store's Lynco orthotics with a metarsal support in them. We just received a letter from Tom and Boe thanking us for finding a solution to this long-term problem.

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