Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Introducing Two New Products

We are introducing two new products at the store at Z-CoiL of Seattle 1201 Pine St.

The fitflop will be just the healthy summer wear for you when you need a break from your Z-CoiL footwear. These are due to arrive mid-June.

Z-CoiL is also introducing a new line of shoe called the Bella. The expected time of arrival is August.

We currently are in stock with the terrasole. We carry limited stock of the Aetrex line of walking shoes as well.

June will take us to a few outside events as vendors.

- A new one for us will be the Women's Empowerment Summit June 12.
-Our annual attendance at the Fremont Fair Summer Solstice will be the week-end of June 20-21. That weekend we will have abbreviated hours at the store since a lot of our stock will be at the fair.
-We will be attending the Seattle Pride Parade as a vendor June 28. Last year it was on one of the hottest days of the year. Bring lots of water!

Listen for us on the Dr. Pat show June 10. Al Gallegos, the inventor of the Z-CoiL footwear will be interviewed. Suzie Burke, Fremont Woman around Town, will give her testimonial on the air. KKNW 1150 Live Radio with Dr. Pat.

We appreciate all your support and referrals.

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