Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kevin Gallagher Has Good Looking Shoe for Being Six Years Old

Kevin G. has been a kindergarten teacher for 28 years at Bryant Elementary and gets frequent comments from the kids about his Z-Coils and their springiness.
Mr. Gallagher had two rear end car accidents in 1989. The injuries from this developed into a herniated disc in his lower lumbar region in 2003. The herniated disc was so painful he was "put on his knees". He went to the ER where he was put on brace crutches for 3 weeks, then regular crutches for three more weeks. His massage therapist, Anthony Michaels at Evergreen Chiropractic, referred him to our store at 1201 Pine St.for the Z-CoiL pain relief footwear.
He also went to an acupuncturist.
He followed up with research into the Z-coil footwear on the internet and decided to go for it when he saw coverage in the evening Pacific Northwest Magazine and in the paper. His first visit here, there was a nurse telling about how all the nurses on her floor wore the Z-CoiL so she wanted to try them out. This really convinced him he was making the right decision.
What was even more dramatic was the results he got immediately while trying on the shoes. He came in on crutches and he was able to walk out without the crutches. He was able to put weight on his legs and back for the first time since the injury in 2003.
This gave him much needed independence such as doing more things on his own, walking and coming back to his full self with a better quality of life.
"Standing in these shoes is so different than regular shoes since they give such a shock absorption to your step in the heel. For three years these were all I wore. After that the injury improved. Now he can wear them less-only two times a week is necessary typically since I am so much improved". He credits the shoes and his medical treatment together as the reason for his improvement.
Congratulations on such a recovery! He is a testimony to how long lasting and well made the Z-Coil pain relief footwear are to last six years. When will he get his second pair?

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