Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jon Dalton Tells His Friends About Z-CoiL

Jon D. came in recently to buy open coils instead of enclosed coils for his work boots. He bought the boots this past February, but prefers the look of the open coil.

He used to wear Dr. Scholl insoles, but the Lynco arch supports help so much more, especially since they have the extra metatarsal support...and they last longer too. He bought a new pair of Lyncos today.

Jon D. tells his friends about the Z-CoiL and how it has helped his calf spasms go away. He used to have whole leg spasms which have gone away as well.He works graveyard on tile as a cashier at the Wallingford Chevron Extra Mile Store. He is either on the tile in the store or on concrete when he is on the lot. This used to cause both knees to be sore. The pain relief footwear, Z-COiLs, have really improved this and his quality of life all around.

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