Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lilli and Bob Bennett Add Their Testimonial With Al Gallegos's Radio Interview

Lilli and Bob Bennett got interviewed by Janet and Naryan during the recent 6 year anniversary celebration. This will broadcast on their radio program all week'
They said, "We bought our first pair six years ago in Arizona. I wear them for zero impact. I had hip problems and they helped a lot. I exercise a lot. It corrected my hammertoe problems since I don't have to grip my toes any longer. I no longer have the hip problem. I have less leg pain. I turn 80 in June." In addition to the 7 pairs Lilli owns, including 2 Mary Jane's and suede zueco's, she bought the Loryn style today.
Bob has spinal stenosis, L4/L5. He used to be a Seattle fireman so he was unable to wear them all the time. He says they are comfortable and pleasant to wear.
They have owned property here and in Arizona, but 2 years ago they sold their Arizona home and moved here.Now he does not walk as much since the weather is colder. Bob is 62 years ago and owns three pairs of Z-CoiL-taos clog and black freedom are two of them.
Lilli says she has literally sold so many of these shoes to everyone she meets. "I need a lot of business cards to take with me so I can hand them out."

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