Saturday, February 07, 2009

Jan and Marshall Bronson Came All the Way From Whidby Island For Our Six Year Anniversary

Jan says,"My family owns 13 pairs of Z-CoiL footwear.". Jan and Marshall own the Compass Rose Bed and Breakfast on Whidbey Island. With her purchase today of the Z-Breeze style of shoes, she has four pairs.
They found out about the shoes from a customer in November of 2007. She bought her first pair from Mt. Vernon in December, a T-strap. In January her second pair was a Loryn purchased from our store. Her third pair was a pair of white Mary Jane's purchased in Anchorage.
When her mom came to visit from San Diego, they brought her right from the airport to 1201 Pine St, Z-CoiL of Seattle. She bought a pair of Z-CoiL footwear.
Marshall's first pair was a pair of Sandia. His second pair was a Z-Walker. This time he ordered a second pair of Sandia's. We were out of stock so we will ship them to him.
Marshall says, "In Alaska the Z-CoiL shoes don't transmit the cold like ordinary shoes. This is because of the inch of neoprene in the forefoot sole."
Marshall and Jan visit their daughter in Alaska from time to time. She has a pair of Z-CoiL as well. Her sister (from Twin Falls, Idaho) and sister-in law (from Wyoming) each have a pair of Z-CoiL.
Z-CoiL footwear are truly a family affair.

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