Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I used to Walk on Tiptoes to Avoid the Pain in my feet

Alex K came in recently saying "I have worn Zcoils since 2003. I walk a lot-30km per day at a speed of 7 km/hour. I can now walk a 10K in less than two hours. Sitting used to be OK, but not standing or walking without morphine. I was on tiptoes in my Birkenstock trying to avoid contact with the ground prior to Zcoils. In the time I have had Zcoils my morphine consumption has decreased. I have profound peripheral neuropathy and an unstable left ankle."

Alex came in to buy another umpteenth pair of Zcoils, this time a pair of work boots.

He also loves the Injinji toe socks we carry in the store. He says,"They make my toes all be in harmony for the first time since 1967. I can give homebound pastoral care now since I can walk better. I wish the government would allow payment for Zcoils, not morphine." He left with six pairs of new Injinji High Performance Socks.

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