Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lotchie's July Birthday Month ends at the North Olympic National Park Coast- Rialto Beach's Hole in the Wall

David and Lotchie are pictured in front of "Hole in the wall". They hiked several miles along Rialto Beach's wild coast and chose a campsite on the beach facing a large sea arch called "split rock". Further down the beach, around a few points, are the memorials to the crews from sunken ships scattered along the rocky shores.

49 years young, Lotchie has packed the month full of activities starting at Yosemite, then a hike with snow sledding at Mt. Rainier's panorama point, Shakespeare's plays (free in Seattle's parks), and ending the month enjoying the offerings of the Olympics: swimming in Lake Quinalt and Crescent Lake, hiking along the pristine coast, and witnessing a glorious sunset. Happy Birthday Lotchie!

For more photos of the Olympic National Park trip, click on this link:
Hiking photos
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