Friday, August 04, 2006

Aren't They Adorable in Their Z-coils? Fifth Pair for Mary

This adorable Z-coil couple found us only after the Bellevue store closed.

Mary Lawrence started wearing her first pair a couple of years ago or so. She says, "Prior to wearing Z-coils I was unable to stand in place for longer than 5 minutes. I had a lot of difficulty walking to the point of needing disability parking. Now I am able to volunteer in a position that requires me to walk three hours at a time." Mary and Tim needed the foot bed of the Z-coils heat adjusted to a wider arch to provide more room and comfort for their arches. Mary also obtained a rubber wedge into the lateral coil to inhibit supination, or rolling out of the foot. Mary bought her fifth pair today- the Signature Anniversary shoe. She also had her coils replaced on her first pair of purchased Z-coils. We will be mailing her Anniversary out tommorrow since we are stretching the toe of the shoes out tonight.

Tim is a system administrator working on mainframes. He bought his third pair of Z-coil's today, trading his brown hikers for blue and white freedoms. He is wearing his new Spring Z's in the photo. We replaced his black freedom coils today with a new pair. Two pairs of his Z-coil footwear needed the left coil rotated 180 degrees in order to redistribute the pressure points in his heel and arch. His co-workers urged him to get the adjustments done on his Z-coils so he would wear them more. "I couldn't walk or stand in one place for more than a few minutes until I found Z-coils. (They) are the best shoes I have ever worn."

While in the store Mary mentioned doing back exercises, so we did a yoga workout including the pigeon pose.
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