Friday, July 28, 2006

Richard Jokes in his Fourth Pair of Z-coil- "Inspector Gadget"

Richard Olmsted came in today for his fourth pair of Z-coil footwear. He purchased the Spring Z style since it gave his bunions a lot of room. He has worked in the service department at American Fast Freight Consolidators for the past twenty years. He walks on concrete and asphalt for ten hour days/four days per week.

He first had back surgery 33 years ago which was repeated five years later for repair of herniated discs. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons three years ago.

Three years ago, Richard's wife Kathy was visiting her sister, Betty, in Hoquiam who happened to be wearing a pair of Z-Coils. Her sister had said that they helped her a lot doing the tasks of caretaker for her husband, Bill, ever since his stroke. Kathy tried them on and exclaimed, "I feel like I'm walking on air." She then had her husband, Richard, try them on. He felt better with them on.

So they hunted down their first pairs of Z-coil in Oregon. Kathy wears her Z-coil while on the treadmill and is concerned about her bunions. Richard bought the work boots and a pair of Freedoms from the Oregon store. THey have been telling everyone they know about the Z-coil footwear. He later purchased a pair from the Bellevue store (now closed). They errantly went to the Bellevue store today and upon discovering the Bellevue store was closed they were given our location by the 800 z-coil #.

Richard is definitely sold on the z-coil since he no longer is having ankle, knee, hip or back pain.

Kathy says she works in the office at the same location with Richard. She has noticed a big difference at the end of the day upon seeing Richard - he "just does not look as worn out ". We fitted Kathy into a pair of Lyncos to control her pronation today. Even though the cost of the shoes may sound expensive to some, it is amazing how long they last since they are so well made. Posted by Picasa

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