Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jason, Wanda, and Diana: A Family of Z-coil Wearers

Jason, Wanda and Diana came over from Ellensburg to buy more Z-coil footwear. Diana is the first evangelist. She is a sculptor in Scottsdale and heard about the benefits of Z-coil from another artist 2 years ago. She bought her second pair Monday (Taos Zipper).

Jason Kaynor, LMP is a back pain therapist in Ellensburg. His career decision followed an accident that left him with two herniations. After visiting Aunt Diana in Scottsdale in February, he brought back his first pair of Z-coils for his mom. Now he is wearing his first pair today- a high desert hiker. Since they were seeing they were seeing the sights today around Seattle, his feet also had begun to hurt, until he put on the new hikers. Now his foot pain is gone, too.Posted by Picasa

He can be reached for an appointment at 509-899-4589 and "Balance for the Body Massage Therapy" is located at 305 N. Anderson in Ellensburg.

Last, but not leaset, is Jason's mom Wanda. Wanda is the owner of "Better Life for Dogs" which is a vacation resort for your dog (boarding and training) in Ellensburg. She calls herself a dog wrangler.
After her right knee was injured, and arthroscopic surgery made it worse, she was told she would have to wait until she was 60 years old before she could have a knee replacement. She was told to "Live in Pain".
When Jason brought the Freedom Z-coil in February from Diana in Scottsdale, she had immediate relief from her knee and back pain.
If she goes with out them she has to start icing her knees by 3 PM.
Monday, her lovely sister Diana gifter her with two more pairs of Z-coils. Thanks sis!

Wanda can be reached at 509-925-2200 located at 2111 Tjossem Rd. in Ellensburg.

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Anonymous said...

We know Wanda, her sister Diana, & her son Jason. They are the nicest people you could ever meet. Thanks for the website & providing pain- relief to our dear friends.
Gary & Connie