Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Got a New Lease on Life

Karen Anschell came by the Ballard branch of Your 2 Feet (Dr. Z-coil) and led the explanation for all present on how her Z-coils gave her "a new lease on life". Karen says, " I carry a stack of cards and brochures to pass around to anyone who asks about my shoes. I just came from the Puyallup Fair where I was able to walk around for 8 hours. I bought the sidewinder sandals about 15 months ago, and the Blue and White Freedoms 14 months ago. It is incredible to be able to walk again. I bought my shoes from you when you had a booth at the Puyallup Fair last year."

She even talked her husband who works for the postal service to get a pair of Z-coils.

She says,"He has back and leg problems. He drags his feet a lot. He got the Z-coils and they really helped his pain as well. I needed to get him a new set of coils today for his Freedom 2000 Z-coil since he drags his feet a lot and wore them out. Mine have not worn out like his did."Posted by Picasa

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