Friday, September 16, 2005

Anne-Marie Starts Efforts at Your 2 Feet and with Dr. Kerch

Hi! I'm Anne-Marie, the new face you've been seeing at both our Ballard and Pine St locations. I just moved to the Seattle area in July, to work for Your 2 Feet and Dr. Kerch, from Portland OR where I grew up. I've spent the last couple years working on my Bachelor's in Biology at Portland State University and in my free time I've been with my adorable baby niece Ruby. Ruby is two years old on Friday September 16th. Happy Birthday Rubels!! I moved to Everett to be with my beloved, Jim. In early September Jim and I went camping with my best friends Lecion and Serena at a Renascence Faire. Here I with Jim. Although not pictured, I am wearing my Z-coils- they enable me to walk around all day at the faire, something I haven't been able to do for years. I hope to see you all soon!! ~~Anne-Marie
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