Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Press Release: Put A Spring In Your Step At The Northwest Women's Show

Come Feel What Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear Can Do 4 U

SEATTLE, WA (March 9, 2004) - Dr. Lotchie Kerch, a Seattle podiatric physician and foot surgeon, and her Your2Feet retail store staff will be exhibiting at the 17th annual Northwest Women's Show (March 18 – 20) in the Women & Health Section (Booth #817) at QWEST Events Center in Seattle.

The show offers attendees the opportunity to shop at over 650 booths featuring local businesses and services as well as attend daily seminars conducted by celebrity speakers and local experts focusing on women. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Dr. Kerch will be conducting daily seminars on the Be Well Stage entitled,

Limp in, Leap Out - The Female Foot from Eve to Gucci: 10 Tips 2 Keep U Walking

4:00pm Friday
11am Saturday
3:30pm Sunday

"Z-CoiL pain relief footwear is changing the way I am practicing medicine." Dr. Kerch said during her presentation last year at the Seattle Spring Northwest Women's Conference.

"Impact can now be reduced by 50 percent or more when using the Z-CoiL footwear. This impact reduction dramatically relieves pain in such conditions as plantar fasciitis (heel spars) and arthritis," she explained during her talk. "I have been a practicing podiatrist for over twenty years and I have never seen anything as effective in footwear. I'm seeing people who have been living with intolerable pain relieved by this phenomenal technology."

James Hendricks from Sumner, Washington, says that his Z-CoiLs work for him on the job: "I work at a major hardware warehouse and after only two weeks couldn't work more than four-hour shifts due to foot pain. I went to doctors … with no results. Then I heard about your shoes. I bought a pair and wore them for four working days. To my amazement, the pain was gone. I'm now working 40 hours a week and loving every minute!"

Z-CoiLs, often referred to as "the funny-looking shoes with the spring in the heel," are dramatically changing the lives of people across the country that once suffered from chronic, debilitating pain in their feet, legs and back. Many of the happiest Z-CoiL customers are workers in retail stores, restaurants, fairs, trade shows, hospitals and warehouses, who must spend hours every day on their feet, often on concrete floors.

For more information on Dr. Kerch and Z-CoiL pain relief footwear, visit the Your2Feet web site.

Dr. Kerch gives the thumbs up to an attendee at the Puyallup Fair who stood up and said, "I can't believe it. My pain is completely gone!"

See photos and listen to interviews direct from the Northwest Women's Show Your2Feet Booth #817 on this blog.

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