Monday, March 14, 2005

Feet First: Puget Sound Pedestrian Advocacy & Your2Feet Team Up For April Walk

In April, join together with Your 2 Feet and Feet First for a celebration of Foot Health Month and Seattle Award to the Top Ten Walking Cities in America. We will be meeting at the 1201 Pine St. Your 2 Feet location.

Points of interest to be seen on our walk of Capitol Hill are the
Jimmy Hendrix statue, the historical buildings,etc?? (to be determined)

Feet First's mission
To promote the rights and interests of pedestrians
and to encourage people to enjoy the pleasures of walking.

Feet First is working to make communities in the Puget Sound region better places to live. Making a community walkable is central to making it a good home. We provide an educated voice on pedestrian issues. We offer community maps, technical assistance, fun events, and we serve as policy champions.

Feet First is the region's leading non-profit organization promoting
walkable communities. Their advocacy efforts are frequently cited in the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer. They are in the city and statewide to make communities safer and better for walking.


A Thank You to Drivers from Feet First

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