Sunday, January 23, 2005

Knoty Boy The Ultimate Shoe Lace

Welcome to The Ultimate Shoe Lace

The knotty boy shoelaces are an innovative approach to solving several issues facing those of us wearing lace shoes.

1. You no longer have to lace the lace shoes-the elastic shoelace
maintains a tied fit, yet you just open up the shoe and slip it on.

2. You have a large selection of great colors to dress up a new or old lace shoe-some of my younger customers even do dual colors tying them both on top and "inside" on the same shoe.

3. You don't have to bend down so long or so far for those suffering with a sore back or hip.

4. Those with sore fingers get relief from tying, yet get the benefits of a tied shoe.

5. The asymmetric benefits of this shoelace can be an adjunct for
fitting shoes on different foot types-especially those with a rolling
arch, a flatfoot, or a pronator. By using extra tension while tying on one side of the shoe, you can get added correction by offsetting the tension on the other side.

6. Thank-you Knotty boy for listening to us Z-coil dealers and adding a shoelace to fit our pint sized customers, and to fit the high desert hiker smaller eyelets.

I will keep providing feedback whenever needed.

Lotchie Kerch, D.P.M.

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