Friday, April 03, 2015

After 12 Years We Have Lost Our Lease, So We’re Moving To Magnolia In the Spring of 2015

Gifts That Show You Care For Everyone In Your Life

Pain Relief Z-CoiL Therapeutic shoes (Absorbs Shock)
FRIENDS: Merino Wool Socks & other American made socks
GRANDMOTHER: Compression Socks for her Swollen Legs
GRANDFATHER: World Softest Sock (Wide Fit)
HARD WORKER: Restaurant Grade Crocs (Slip Resistant)
MOTHER: Plantar Fascitis Relief Kit and Night Splints
BROTHER: Lynco Orthotics / Superfeet and more arch supports
RUNNING FRIENDS: Toe Socks / Customized Shoes
UNCLE WITH ANKLE PAIN: Choose from Ankle Brace or Cast Boots
DAD WITH INGROWN NAIL: Schedule Consult with Board Certifed Podiatrist
FOR DIABETIC/ARTHRITIS: Made to order therapeutic Shoes
GIRLFRIEND: Anti-Fungal Medication for Athletes Foot & Thick Nails
BOYFRIEND: Biofreeze to Rub onto Sore Muscles
• Bio freeze, Socks, Foot Miracle Cream, Heel Cups, Toe Pads, Ankle Wraps
• Fungasoap, Gordochom, Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces
• Vitamin and Moisturizing Cream; Shoeshine Kit
Ankle and Foot Sprains; Moisture and Odor; Diabetics; Atheletes Foot;
Planar Fascitis; Tendonitis; Metatarsalgia; Hammertoes
and Bunions;Customized Orthotics; Shoe Care

Thanks For Your Patronage Over The Past 12 Years in Our Capital Hill Location! Come See Us In Our New Home In Magnolia (near Queen Anne in Seattle)

In Late Spring 2015
We are Moving
To Magnolia
10% off select items,
while supplies last

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