Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gisela Jenkins Buys Toffler Z-CoiL Shoes to Replace Taos Clog

Gisela J. has been wearing Z-CoiL shoes for the past 6 1/2 years. She owns two pairs of clogs, both with covered coils.  Any Z-CoiL shoes can have the springs covered (hidden).
Today she purchased a pair of "Toffler" Z-CoiL shoes for her knee and back pain.

She learned about the Z-CoiL shoes when two co-workers told her Z-CoiL shoes are roomy, comfortable and wearing them aided in relieving their back discomfort.

Gisela J. stated prior to wearing Z-CoiL shoes, she previously had leg numbness related to her back discomfort. She's had cortisone injections into her spine for relief.
Her job as a shipping and receiving clerk at Emerald Casino requires she stand at least 7 hours per day carrying products.
Her feet do not hurt like they did prior to wearing Z-CoiL shoes.

When others ask her what kind of shoes she's wearing and why, she says, "My feet, knees and back do not hurt like they did prior to wearing Z-CoiL shoes. My Z-CoiL shoes are super comfortable and well worth the price. My Z-CoiL shoes (see photo) have lasted for over 6 years."

She's opted to have her Z-CoiL coils covered with an enclosed coil so they are not so readily seen as Z-CoiL shoes.

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